Submit your Photos – A Couple of Immediate Deadlines

Schmitz Barn near Moose JawRemember September 19th and the Schmitz Barn Photo Shoot? Our programming committee will be selecting one image to present to the owner of the barn as an official thank you.

Members in good standing please submit 1 (one) picture of the White Barn you took and send it to Vaughn, the club secretary <>. He will then pass them on to the organizing committee who will jointly select 3 (three) images. These will be brought to the October 6th meeting.

The club will vote on the one they like the most. Once the decision is made Bill Kruse will print the picture on canvas with a thank you water mark on the bottom of the picture from the club. All pics must be sent to the secretary by Oct 1st the organizing committee will be voting on pics on Oct 2nd at 7PM <>

Star Trails over the BadlandsAnd what did YOU do this summer – or better, what did you capture with your camera this summer? Vaughn would like your selected images for the October 6th meeting. Please send them to him no larger than 1026 ppi on the longest side in a resolution of 100 dpi. <>

Pull out your folders and start selecting!


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2 thoughts on “Submit your Photos – A Couple of Immediate Deadlines

  1. Is there any information on this barn? Website? Contact information?


    • Alysha – the barn is located just north of Moose Jaw, SK and is privately owned. The owner lives in the US and only comes to Canada a couple of times a year. We had special permission for the photo shoot. I am not aware of a website or contact info as one of our previous members arranged the outing in Sept. 2014.


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