Camera Club November Treasure Hunt Recap

279A4100 CThey came together from near and far… Moose Jaw, Regina and the Assiniboia region. On the cold Sunday afternoon of November 16th these Moose Jaw Camera members, armed with their cameras were eager to receive their first clue of the Treasure Hunt planned by Vaughn.

Groups of three eagerly received the first of 12 clues, and immediately they dispersed across Moose Jaw to capture images in hope of meeting the expectation of the sights and landmarks preselected by Vaughn and his capable assistants Rob and Bill.

All clues were Moose Jaw centric Here they are (some with their corresponding image):

1. “What is the most famous air demonstration team in the world?”

2. “Where is the oldest convenience store still run by a family of Chinese origin?”

_59P44023. “Find 2 ‘A’s” in the same mural on the Graffiti Wall.”

_59P44094. “What is the most important building in Moose Jaw with a letter on it?”

5. “Find a moose on the bridge.”

6. ” What is the name of the B&B overlooking Moose Jaw on South Hill.”

_59P44147. “Find the sports mural in Moose Jaw. (Hint: You can read the sports page from here.)”

8. “After you take a picture of the mural look to your right. What is the number on the power pole?”

9. “Which clock is older: City Hall or CP Rail?”

10. “Where is the oldest bus in Moose Jaw? (Hint: No time for Poutine!)”

dlAttach11.”The first brothel in Moose Jaw (Hint: They now have awesome chicken wings…)”

12. What is the mascot of the city of Moose Jaw?

Thank you to Vaughn for providing the clues and selected images for publication here. Vaughn also ensured that the first and second place winning teams received worthwhile prizes. The rest of the participants enjoyed hot chocolate and Tim Horton donuts at the meeting on December 1st.

Well done, everyone – the buzz is on about the next Treasure hunt with camera in hand. Stay tuned for future events.

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