A Great Way to Get Involved: Monthly Club Challenges

Aurora Borealis_a_h_photography

Every month over the past year the Moose Jaw Camera Club has invited members to participate in a themed challenge. January’s theme is “Winter” and we are looking forward to receiving many entries!

We are making the process to participate a little easier. There is no need to send your images prior to the meeting (we all realize how busy individuals’ lives are!), instead we ask that each participating member sorts their images (in jpeg format) into a folder and transfers this folder on to a USB drive. Mark the drive with your name and hand it over to the person in charge of sharing the images when you enter the meeting room. We will download the folder and the USB drive will be returned to its owner.

Looking forward to February 2nd and many entries!

“Food” is the theme for February. (to be shared March 2nd) Now is the time to get a head start! While browsing the internet last week I came across this info on how to achieve great images of food.



(Feature image supplied by A. Hergert; Aurora Borealis in winter, location Yellowknife; f2.8, ISO 400, 24 mm, exposure 35 seconds)


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