Thoughts on Photography and Individuality

Larry with camera at playLast Friday this blog featured Larry Going. While Larry and I were in conversation whether to add information such as camera type, settings and other details to the images he provided for the post he brought up an interesting point of view.

I think sharing these views is of great importance, and since our time in meetings is limited this blog provides a platform to discuss and share views (no pun intended…) freely.

Here are Larry’s insights: “Each photo a person wants to take is unique in it’s own way. For example, let’s say I’m shooting fox kits in the evening.  Are they actively playing?  That means a fairly fast shutter speed– perhaps 1/1,000 to 1/2,000 of a second. How much depth of field?  I generally don’t like anything less than an f8. And that means a high ISO. My camera gives good results up to 12,800 for photos on canvas as large as 20 x 30 inches. Some cameras would show objectionable noise at far lower ISO’s. More expensive cameras would allow even higher ISO’s to be used.  Noise from a high ISO will be more apparent on photo paper vs canvas. How much sharpening will the photo require?  More sharpening, more noise. Are you shooting in raw?  Do you work in tiff or JPEG on your computer?  JPEG artifacts become visible after only a few saves.

I’m willing to provide the camera settings but I think each photo people are interested in should be explained by the photographer at our meetings, or perhaps an interested member could call the photographer at home — I certainly wouldn’t mind.

I’m concerned some budding enthusiasts might conclude there is a “best” setting for a particular camera or photo if they just look at a photo and settings without further knowledge about all the variables to consider.  That would be a disservice to those members.”

Thank you to Larry for sharing his thought provoking points. What is your opinion? Do you agree? Do you believe two photographers can make the same image consistently? The comments section below is a great place to share your thoughts.

For the time being we will continue to provide general settings and info on our Featured Member posts. Discussing each image from a Member Feature is not an option at this time as we have regular programming and only a limited amount of time for each meeting. However, this can be reevaluated in the future. Weigh in with your opinion and ideas!

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