Member Profile: Paul Dowling

Paul Dowling portraitPaul Dowling’s journey started in Grade 10 while taking the photography classes in Industrial Arts. He enjoyed the hand-on experience of developing images in the darkroom himself. Later Paul worked with a local
photographer and began to explore color printing.

When asked what has captivated him so many years ago he shares: “I loved the control of exposure and composition that is now done in Photoshop. Taking the photo and creating the final image into what I visualized was enjoyable.”

Dowling joined Moose Jaw’s original camera club as a young man. He was introduced to numerous artists and joined the club members on several photo outings.  His favourite field trip was to the Saskatchewan Badlands.

Paul used a Mamiya RB6X7 film camera and worked with Andre Bard, a military photographer and independent business owner. The large camera looked professional lent Paula professional appearance which he often used to his advantage. When attending Saskatchewan Rough Rider games he was directed to the field sidelines without a press card!

Shortly after Paul got married he realized that film cameras were becoming obsolete. He sold his system and concentrated on raising a family and trying to ignore his passion for photography for many years. Paul admits: “My eyes always searched for interesting subject matter, and I continually composed the perfect shot in my mind.”

Dowling’s work eventually demanded the regular use of a camera. It became the perfect tool to document equipment and create instruction manuals augmented with photos. In his career he led the workforce into a new era with photo documentation for weekly audits, for example.

Paul recalls: “Supervisors have expectations and are great at creating rules. At the same time they are poor at really demonstrating realistic expectations. I soon recognized that taking photos of practices demonstrating positive and negative outcomes while monitoring the quality of jobs in progress worked well. I printed them and also digitally projected them at our weekly supervisor maintenance meetings. I learned later that 65% of people are visual learners. My photos inspired the crews to correct and improve their work practices.”

In closing Paul conveys: “I love to learn with the camera and really joined the camera club to learn how to expand my photo editing skills. Photography has so many facets. I am amazed about what has changed since the Go Pro cameras have been released. Now Drones are giving us another perspective. I don’t have a favorite genre of photography. I just love that photography keeps evolving, and I have so much to learn.”

The following images are examples of Paul’s photography. Camera, lens, meta data and locations are not available.

IMG_6119 IMG_1281 IMG_1289 1st HDR Image IMG_91791 IMG_3158 IMG_6134 crack1 IMG_6128 IMG_0688Thank you, Paul. We appreciate you sharing your personal photography story.

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One thought on “Member Profile: Paul Dowling

  1. Beautiful photographs, Paul. Inspiring!


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