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RobinAnother week has passed without images and bios for a featured member page. I realize everyone is busy, and to keep the blog active and filled with valuable information I thought it was time for some general sharing of resources.

Is everyone aware that this blog/website has a special tab (look up at upper right hand corner)? By clicking on this tab you will find a number of lists pertaining to general photography info, framing and procession locations in and around Moose Jaw and so much more. I try to add to this info whenever possible.

I subscribe to a couple of free newsletters that provide photography tips and suggestions on how to improve my skills. Just yesterday the dps (Digital Photography School) newsletter arrived in my inbox. This week’s issue is packed with great information, starting off with one that really caught my eye as an avid travel photographer.

The idea for a post on this blog grew, and below are a number of links that will be of interest to a variety of members. Enjoy and have a wonderful long weekend filled with countless photo opportunities!

– 7 Travel Photography Tips Your Tour Guide Won’t Tell You!

– How to do More Unique Flower Photography

– 5 Reasons Why You Should Learn Long Exposure Photography

– 10 Surefire Tips for Photographing Birds in Flight

– The Biggest Legal Mistakes Photographers Make

– Building Cultural Friendships with Photography

– Stop Giving Away Your Authority – You ARE a Photographer

– 30 Ethereal Images of Places of Worship

– 5 Easy Studio Set Ups With One Light

While exploring any or even just one of the links above you will most likely come across the following link:

– Introduction to Useful Modes and Settings on Your Digital Camera

I think book marking this link is a good idea for all of us. Each of the 21 points presented in the link leads to in-depth info. What a treasure trove of photographic knowledge. Best of all – it is free and you don’t have to leave your favorite arm chair to take these “mini courses”.

OK, It time to get your camera out! Make sure the batteries are charged and the sensor and lenses clean. Looking forward to seeing some great images capturing spring at the next general meeting!

Keep shooting, Anna

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