Avonlea Badlands – A Fieldtrip in the Making for 71 Million Years…

Moose Jaw Camera Club fieltrip drew a good sized group last weekend. Photo by Daniel Brown

Moose Jaw Camera Club fieltrip drew a good sized group last weekend. Photo by Daniel Brown

Thank you to member John Meed for organizing the outing and providing this recap of last weekend’s fieldtrip to the Avonlea Badlands, Saskatchewan:

“One could suggest that this trip was 71 million years in the making. On May 23, 2015, 16 brave souls ventured out to the Avonlea badlands on a photographic expedition!! I found the following write up on the badlands.

“Located east of Avonlea, on private land, the badlands are a result of glacial activity and erosion. The badlands expose sedimentary layers of dirt and rock that were once on the surface of this area during the later or near the end of the Cretaceous time period. This period of time existed around 71 million years ago, when the area was submerged under the waters of an inland sea. Although useless for grain farming the badlands are a great way to study different layers of the earth and explore different glacial formations.”

Saskatchewan is just that kind of province, you can be walking down a farmer’s field and then you come across a geological wonder like the badlands. The weather somewhat co-operated with a mix of sun and cloud and it was a warm 26 degrees, so maybe the cloud was a welcome respite. Only one injury reported when Kendra stumbled a bit and scraped up her leg, but nothing serious.

All and all, a very worthwhile experience and a great day had by all.”

The following images are courtesy of John Meed. Once more, a big thank you from the membership for taking the time to share, John.

Avonlea 2015 Part 2-18Avonlea 2015 Part 2-21Avonlea 2015 Part 2-2Avonlea 2015 Part 2-22

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