Competition Time!!

FlagsA brief announcement on Monday night during the general meeting made you aware that P. R. P. A. – Prairie Region of Photographic Art has two calls for entries out at this time.

Here is the link to the site: P. R. P. A.

Competition # 1: We don’t have much time to submit for the Everest Digital Competition. Here is a link to the rules.

Please send up to four images to Rob Harden. <> by October 18th, 2015 – late submission will not be considered. It takes a while to coordinate and burn the images to DVD and we have to use the slow postal service to get the images to the judging club.

Rob and I will select 20 images to represent our club in this competition.

Competition # 2: The Hand of Man Competition deadlines is also November 1st. Here are the competition rules.

Please note: As in Competition # 1 please forward all images to Rob Harden <>.

We will submit as a group – as such we must collect the images and forward them together. Individual entries sent directly to the sponsor will not be considered.


One last word of encouragement: Don’t second guess yourself. Read through the entry rules carefully and prepare your images as provided in the entry guidelines. Images not sized to the requirements will unfortunately be disqualified.

We have a lot of great photographers in our Club. The Gerry Fish Award last spring has set the bar, and I am receiving emails to ensure that the members once again participate in the competitions. Let’s do this! Can’t wait to see everyone’s images!

Anna Hergert, P.R.P.A. Rep for Moose Jaw Camera Club



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