Member Profile Update: Jerry Stevens

20150109-_mg_9836-2On February 27 Jerry Stevens “kicked off” the Member Features on this website. A little while ago Jerry and I connected and the idea for a Member Profile update was discussed and deemed a good idea. Let me re-introduce Jerry with his bio:

Jerry Stevens has been an employee of  SaskEnergy for over 33 years.  He has been working in Moose Jaw for 21 of those years.  Jerry was born in Yorkton and lived on a farm near Duck Mountain Provincial Park. The forest was his play ground – he hunted, fished and fell in love with nature.

Five years ago Jerry’s received a camera for Christmas. Jerry used to hunt and fish a lot but his main obsession soon became photography.  He enjoyed the fact that pictures can be taken year round, and that he was able to explore nature and capture its beauty during all seasons. Jerry and his family have a water front cabin at Last Mountain Lake, with a hot fishing spot right in front and one hundred and thirteen acres behind to explore.

Jerry shares:  “There so many ways to take a picture, there are night shots, light painting, in the sun, in the shade, after a rain. Best of all, after you collect all your photos you can review them during the winter and still feel the heat of summer. The following are the latest images Jerry has selected to share. He uses a Canon DSLR and a Nikon Coolpix 900.

Enjoy and make sure to click on individual images to enlarge!

Click here if you want to read the full version of Jerry’s bio from earlier this year.

Thank you, Jerry, for sharing your passion!

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One thought on “Member Profile Update: Jerry Stevens

  1. mjmyrna on said:

    Love your pictures, Jerry.


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