Meeting Reminder for February


The executive is looking forward to the February 1st meeting. We have many announcements and a couple of educational activities planned. Make sure you bring your camera, prime or kit lens and a tripod to engage in a session of Miksang Photography with Vaughn. Vaughn has posted the definition for Miksang (Contemplative) Photography as found on Wikipedia on Facebook. Here is a link to the Miksang Institute. This organization publishes a great newsletter that might be of interest.

Also on the agenda is the long awaited critique session. We have handouts for both activities so you will be able to take home some written information for future reference.

Len sent out the minutes from the January 4th, 2016 meeting. Please read it over so we can make changes and adopt it.

Along with the minutes Len distributed the brochure advertising our July Retreat. We have talked about it for months, now we need some commitments as the venue and the instructor are booked. Here is the Moose Jaw Camera Club Retreat Brochure once more for your personal download and reference. We are accepting registrations now.

The executive would like to send a gentle reminder to members who have not renewed their membership. Featured members from 2015 who have decided not to renew will be removed from the “Featured Members” section.

See you all on Monday night – Enjoy the upcoming weekend!

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