Workshop Recap

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The Moose Jaw Camera Club organized and hosted a workshop with Brian Easton on Saturday, February 6th, 2016.

Here is what Vaughn Taylor, one of the participants, shared:

“The workshop was excellent well worth the time and money.

Brian Easton is an excellent teacher.  He started out teaching us how to assume proper camera posture and how to pose our model for optimal capture.

The post processing portion of the workshop was awesome! We learned so much that it is hard to pin point exact details.  We started from a raw file and took it to a stunning portrait with minor touch ups and very simple changes that were easy to achieve.

The one day workshop format was well worth it.  It may have been one day in duration but it felt like about two hours. The time just flew by!”

Thank you, Vaughn for this positive endorsement of Brian’s workshop. Another thank you goes to Rob Harden and Vaughn Taylor for setting up the classroom, to Myrna Forge for booking the facility and to Ivy, the model who takes direction well and became the main focus for the workshop participants.


For those who missed the workshop and would like to know more about the instructor, here is his short bio:

Bio pic web size


Brian Easton’s interest in photography began in his twenties, but was rekindled a few years ago while he and his wife began to travel more frequently. He enjoys documenting the places he visits, but his true passion is making creative, fashion, and beauty images. He constantly strives to improve his photography by reading, attending workshops, and learning new techniques online.

Recently, Brian Easton provided competition images for a Miss World Canada contestant, as well as portfolio images for models, makeup artists, and hair stylists.

Follow Brian’s work at

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