April Outing Information

ARGUS in focusCharge your batteries, clean your lenses and pack your gear.

Tami Dirkson has offered to organize our next Outing. We are planning a sunset shoot at the Drinkwater Round Barn. Here is what Tami has sent to help us plan the event:

“Sunset for Saturday, April 30th will be around 8:20pm. I was thinking perhaps we could all meet at Carol’s Cafe at 4:30-5 pm in Moose Jaw for supper before we go to Drinkwater.

The Sandborn’s (who own the farm) are looking forward to meeting everyone, So I was thinking if we eat, then head out that way around to be there for 6:15 pm or so we could get the family & barn history and explore the barn inside and out before dark. This is a great opportunity to photograph at sunset and twilight!

Then we decide where we will set up for pics. Everyone can meet the dogs… I believe they still have 2 friendly large dogs a few cats and  a ‘very tame’ pot bellied pig named George who runs around the yard freely!!! Hope nobody is afraid of animals!!!”

Hope this gets everyone excited! Meeting at Carol’s also enables us to arrange for car pooling for those who prefer to travel in a group. Other clubs have started to suggest a small contribution for gas to the driver of the vehicle. If you want to catch a ride with another club member, please consider $ 5/person to the driver. We will depart Carol’s at 6 pm. (Outing exclusive to active club members only, please.)

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2 thoughts on “April Outing Information

  1. Brenda Halstead on said:

    Sounds great! Thanks Tami

    Sent from my iPad



  2. kelly wiens on said:

    Im going thanks for posting the thread hope the aurora gods are with us could be an awesome shoot if she co-operates.


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