Great Information Links for Summer Photography!

Hey You - Listen Up

Hey You – Listen Up!

We are always on the internet, searching for this, checking out that great deal and researching which lens to buy next. At meetings we hear “I just bought this great lens for X $$$. It’s amazing for night photography.” What happened to the philosophy “it’s not the equipment, its the camera operator that makes the image”?

Here is a link to some valuable information on using a kit lens to capture the Milky Way…

Speaking of using what you have, knowing your equipment and “breaking the rules” of photography: David duChemin is a highly successful Canadian photographer who embraces creativity. His books, particularly “The Visual Tool Box” provide countless opportunities to stretch any photographer’s skills. His blog post from Sunday put the f/ stop into perspective… (pun intended!). Here is the link to the post. Get ready to learn and smile…

Last but not least, CreativeLive has a 30 % sale on selected classes. Those of you who are yearning for a workshop over the summer check out this link.

CreativeLive is the go-to site for a number of club members. Once you purchase a class you have lifelong access to it. It’s like having your favourite photography instructor at your finger tips anytime you have a question…

Note: The Camera Club resumes their workshops again till the fall.

One last reminder: The date to register for the Moose Jaw Camera Club retreat is coming up fast. Please check out the info here and forward your registration to Vaughn or Anna as soon as possible. We have 2 spots open.

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