Enjoying Summer!

IMGP5009How time flies when we have fun! June 6th seems so far in the past… but the club had a fantastic summer wrap up with the first Annual Treasure Hunt organized by member Vaughn Taylor.

Here is what Vaughn pulled together for clues:

Welcome to the first annual year end scavenger hunt for the MJCC

There are 8 yes 8 items in the hunt they are all in Crescent Park so very easy to find HAHAHAHA all clues are numbered 1 through 8 so after you find your first clue the second one will be waiting for you at the right location EX: when you find item #1 your clue for #2 will be there waiting for you

Remember have fun and be safe see you at the finish line

YOUR FIRST CLUE  – It has 4 levels and when you jump off you will get wet.

CLUE #2 – They are usually red and fire fighters use them.

CLUE #3 -This monument is why we live free.

CLUE #4 – Lots of weddings have been held here. People throw money in it for good luck.

CLUE #5 – This piece of history was built in 1982 and will not open till 2082.

CLUE# 6 – The sound from here leaves people speechless at times Sundays are very popular here.

Clue #7 – This is a hard one !!!!!!!!!!!!!! July 30 1978 Her Majesty the Queen was here in this park to do what. HINT: it’s at one of the entrances to the park.

CLUE # 8 – LAST ONE: This piece of architecture carries hundreds of people every year here.

Here are the clues in pictures:

And here are some images of the Treasure Hunt participants:

IMGP4975 IMGP4966 IMGP4956 IMGP4949 IMGP5089 IMGP5083 IMGP5078 IMGP5047 IMGP5033 IMGP5025 IMGP5009 IMGP5006 IMGP4998 IMGP4993 IMGP4984 IMGP4979Thank you, Vaughn! Looks like everyone had a fabulous time!!!

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