July Outing to the Avonlea Badlands

Badlands Outing 1_reduced copyOn July 7th members of the Moose Jaw Camera Club ventured out for a sunset shoot of the Avonlea Badlands. Club member Cathy Geisler spends a good part of the summer working with the Avonlea Heritage Museum.

This year the museum is organizing more guided tours around the local area. Cathy contacted the club and shared the tour schedule. July 7th was a great day to venture out. The rain gods had played hide and seek all day in the Moose Jaw area but by the time we arrived in Avonlea  for the tour with Cathy the weather was cooperating and the sun was shining brightly.

Badlands Outing 2_reduced copyA short drive brought us to the designated parking spot and we walked toward our final destination.

Badlands Outing 6a_reduced copySoon the group spread out to explore the vistas and focal points.

Badlands Outing 27_reduced copyRob gets into position…

Badlands Outing 34_reduced copyLook what he found!

Badlands Outing 21_reduced copyOh those Hoodoos!

Badlands Outing 41_reduced copyTerry found a great place in the golden light!

Badlands Outing 10_reduced copyTami and Colin found another glorious spot to capture the view.

Badlands Outing 9_reduced copyLynn was soon mesmerized by the same view!

Badlands Outing 26_reducedOur voices stirred up the wild life…

Badlands Outing 38_reduced copyWho needs to drive to Drumheller when we have these beauties on our doorstep?

Badlands Outing 51_reduced copyTerry found another great focal point!

Badlands Outing 46_reduced copyVaughn was waiting for the perfect golden moment!

Badlands Outing 8_reduced copyAnother popular spot…Murray, Cathy and Terry get into position.

Badlands Outing 53_reduced copy…waiting for the sun to set!

Badlands Outing 59_reduced copyAnd we didn’t have to wait long!

Badlands Outing 67_reduced copyThank you Cathy, for bringing this great opportunity to our attention! We hope to return for another adventure soon.

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