December Meeting Reminder

Ice covered Rock_A.Hergert

It’s December and with it we are gearing up for the holidays! This is your reminder that our monthly general meeting takes place tomorrow, 7 pm at the Cosmo Centre.

We have an action packed meeting prepared. Unfortunately Kendra Forbes had to cancel her travelog presentation. Instead we are sharing the PRPA Everest submissions and the final selection with brief comments as to why some images were selected over other submissions. From past meetings we know that the club members always welcome these short educational opportunities.

And just because it’s almost Christmas we bring back the ever popular hands on activity of Bokeh Photography led by Vaughn Taylor. Please bring your camera (with room on the card and a fully charged battery), a lens with an f/stop of at least 3.5 (a prime lens is an excellent choice), your tripod and a remote shutter release (if you own one). This hands-on activity is a great preparation for the Twinkle Tour on Dec. 14th.

The theme for sharing images is “Frame Within A Frame”. Please hand your USB drive to Vaughn as you arrive so he can download your images (up to 3) to a folder on his computer.

Reminder: Please pick up your USB drive with Everest Competition images from Anna.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the meeting!







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