February Meeting Notes


Just in case the snow or other unforeseen matters kept you from the meeting tonight, here is a summary of what happened:

Sorry you had to miss Lori Johnson from the  Burrowing Owl Centre.

We incorporated a hands on session in groups according to camera models to explore various settings. Thanks to the suggestion from a member to cut the business portion even shorter! We listened and carved out some extra time to mingle and “fondle” cameras, buttons and dials and get to know fellow members.

Instead of making announcements (that was the option we took for the past 6 months to forego the business meeting  many found “boring”) the executive has decided to try a new approach: We will publish any news beneficial to the membership in the form of a website post.

  1. The Executive has voted in favor of purchasing a new Epson projector with high Lumen count which will ensure the optimal display of members’ submissions. Rob Harden had graciously lent his new projector to the club to try out for the last three meetings and the feedback has been positive. Our “old” Epson projector is 3 years old and still working well. Please get in touch with Vaughn if you are interested in purchasing it.2. Myrna has once again agreed to take orders for T-Shirts and Sweatshirt. The orders will be collected throughout the month of February. The order will be submitted in March, delivery  to be expected at the April meeting. This will be an annual event/opportunity.3. Retreat Update:
    Thank to Rob Harden for “hunting down” the person or persons responsible for Camp Woodboia! We have prices and details for you. Here is the registration brochure! moose-jaw-camera-club-2017-retreat-borchure  More information is available on our Retreat Page on this Website.

    4. The Rule of Thirds exhibition at Carol’s Cafe and Catering is looking great. Thanks to Rob Harden and the many volunteers from the general membership who helped with the mounting.

    5. Our Miksang Group is going strong and with the consistent interest during the first Saturday of the month sessions we have begun negotiations to bring a certified Nalanda Miksang teacher to Moose Jaw within the next two months (mid-spring). Stay tuned for details.

    6. The Festival of Words info Meeting on Jan. 11th only drew 4 members. We have decided to get together once more to answer questions and provide help on Wednesday, February 15th at Mitsu Cafe on Main Street N at 6:30 pm.

    7. Photoshop Intro sessions continue at Rob’s place. In future the sessions will be capped at 6 participants . These sessions are open to members only and reducing the number to 6 will avoid long waiting times as everyone catches up with content. Those who sign up will have to pre-pay at the meeting. There will no longer be an opportunity to pay as you go and as you arrive on the day. Sorry – if popularity persists we will investigate additional opportunities.

8. Intro to Digital Photography was successfully presented on Jan. 28th, 2017. The executive has unanimously moved that Beginner Classes are open to members only in the future. The low cost of the class continues to be a strong incentive for members to get to know their cameras.

9. Please remember to register for the Free CARFAC Copyright Workshop on March 12th, 2017 Here is the poster with the information for registration. This workshop was initiated by the Moose Jaw Camera Club in conjunction with the Moose Jaw Art Guild. The focus is on photographers and mixed media artists who often opt for material from the internet and photos. (If you are wondering if lifting images without copyright symbols are free to use from the internet… this workshop is for you!)

10. We are requesting nominations for the 2017/18 executive. The Moose Jaw Camera Club was “resurrected” in 2012 after about 10 years of zero club activity. A hand-full of new and old members gathered, secured a meeting venue and organized short meetings, outings and activities that appealed to those who shared their expectations. We have grown from less than 10 members to 60 members. An official executive was formed in 2014 with most of these members’ positions drawing to an end this year in June.

Your current executive have worked diligently on behalf of the membership, organizing informative meetings with presentations, countless outings, quality workshops, field trips, interest groups, two successful steak night fundraisers (the general membership does not have to raise funds as individuals!) and retreats. We have built up a healthy bank balance that provides options to engage respected instructors from near and far. We feel the Moose Jaw Camera Club is a well oiled machine and can be handed over in the best possible shape to the next executive.

Have a look at the Member Handbook and read through the job descriptions for executive members. The link to the Member Handbook is found here. Scroll down the page! Feel free to contact any of the executive members (contact info found here) with questions and considerations.

11. Our club is growing by leaps and bounds! We have noticed that during our ever popular hands-on sessions during meetings excitement takes over quickly and we forget to look around us.
Photographers usually work in solitary or small group settings. It is easy to overlook that there are others vying for the ideal position to focus on one of the set ups. Please move carefully. We do not want to bump into a person or worse, camera and tripod set up that could result in damaged equipment.
We would also like to encourage volunteers to step forward to keep some organization at each hands-on station to avoid hurt feelings and equipment. Thank you!

12. A general member request to organize more detailed workshops after Bokeh and Macro sessions has been noted by the executive. Please contact any member of the current executive if you are interested in teaching or facilitating a workshop or if you know of an instructor.

13. Please check out our Outings & Fieldtrips page for more info (meeting point and times) about the Moose Jaw Wakamow Winterfest Event.

Stay in touch! If you have input and suggestions or want to find out more about the making of the executive consider attending the next executive meeting on February 28th at Carol’s Cafe and Catering at 4:30 pm.


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