June General Meeting Recap

June 20

Meeting Announcement Recap

– Images for Festival of Words are due now. Please see Rob Harden with your submissions. Download and fill in the information for your images from the website and send to Anna Hergert for the labels. Here is the link with info.

– Annual Retreat: We have 8 participants, anyone else interested please let us know as soon as possible. The decision was made that there will be no shared meals as many participants have special dietary requirements. Every person is responsible for their own food. 
Rob Harden is your contact. Here is the page with registration information.

– Special interest groups Nikon, Canon, Pentax and point-and-shoot: These groups have been suspended till September due to too many summer activities.

– MJ Tourism Info for printing provided by Rob Harden. Please contact him if you are interested. <>

– Club outing to the Sandhills near Leader June 24/25th, 2017
We are trying to find info for those interested in camping. Stay tuned for anything we can find out. Info will be on the website under Outings & Fieldtrips.

– “Encounters with Nature” exhibition update.
Opening Reception: June 13th – 5:30 pm – 7 pm.  Exhibition will hang till mid-September.

– It was voted by the Executive that the Miksang Group will be separate from the Club. from now on. Membership is free but anyone joining must take have Level 1 and higher.  These will be offered throughout the year.  Group will meet every first Saturday of every month from now on. 
Info on the website here.

– Vaughn Taylor has graciously accepted the PRPA rep position. Anna Hergert has resigned after two years.

– Flash photography presentation with Jeff. Here is the Flash Info Sheet for download.

– Thank you to Vaughn Taylor for preparing and setting up our Annual Scavenger Hunt!

Enjoy your summer, everyone!

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