Featured Member: Murray Rimmer

_MG_0704 S

I started photography with a Minolta 110 format camera. It was good enough until I was on our honeymoon and soon discovered its limitations in poor lighting. I bought a Pentax K2 DMD 35mm camera and my photos went to a whole new level. Practicing with different lighting setups and seeing how a light sources quality, quantity and direction can dramatically change a photograph. Eventually I moved on to a Canon 20D digital then upgraded to the Canon 7D and better lenses for optimal image quality.

For the last 40 years I have enjoyed photographing people, landscapes and in particular some unusual subjects or different lighting situations.

I like the challenge of shooting at night or using a black backdrop. This allows me to completely control the light. For landscape photography I use filters frequently to modify the lighting.

Belonging to the Moose Jaw Camera Club allows me to see what others are doing and to learn from them. I look forward to sharing more of my experience and techniques.

Here are examples of my images:

_MG_9762 S
Canon 7D, ISO 200, Balloon 70-200,  2.8L, 16 sec @ f19

_MG_0321 Sm

Canon 7D, Balloon 24-105, f4L, 8 sec @ f8

_MG_0306 S

Canon 7D, Jackson Hole WY,  Mormon Barn at dusk lit by flashlight, 32 sec @ f8

_MG_9444 S

Canon 7D, Mesa Arch, Utah at dawn, 22 sec @ f10, arch illuminated with flashlight

_MG_5175 S

Canon 7D, Dark Hollow Falls in Shenandoah National Park Virginia, 24-105 f4L 0.7 sec @ f22

P & D 050 S

P & D Wedding, info not available
Thank you Murray, for stepping forward and sharing your photography related stories and experiences. We look forward to having you on the 2017/18 executive.

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One thought on “Featured Member: Murray Rimmer

  1. Something to aspire to! Excellent photographs.


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