Camera Club Executive

camera club created by Jessie Zoerb

2015/2016 Moose Jaw Camera Club Executive
last updated Sept. 3rd, 2017


President Murray Rimmer

_MG_0704 SMurray first began to explore photography with a Minolta 110 format camera and over the subsequent years has eventually settled with a Canon 7D with upgraded better lenses for image quality.
His passion for photography spans over 40 years, during which he has enjoyed photographing people, landscape and lately some unusual subjects in challenging lighting situations.
Murray embraces the challenges of shooting at night and/or using a black backdrop. Among the mature members Murray is also known as McGuyver… make sure to ask him about this alias when you see him next.
Murray says: “Belonging to the camera club allows me to see what others are doing and to learn from them. I also love to share my experiences and techniques.”







Colleen Raes  <>

(Details to follow)


Treasurer & Membership Director Kevin Pritchard <>

(Details to follow)


Bob Schultz exe pic-9593Programme Coordinator Bob Schultz

Photography provided Bob with his first employment; working for a local studio, the local newspaper, then CFQC Television. Film, a medium of choice was traded as the digital age was born. Camera of choice is Canon 1DX. He processes photo files with ON1 photo Raw, Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop.
Primary interests are wildlife, nature & event photography.
Bob hopes he can help inspire & share his experience with fellow club members as we all work together perfecting our craft .


Programming Co-Coordinator Jason Zerr

(Details to follow)


 Exhibition Coordinator Rob Harden <>

Photography is a passion for Rob Harden. A master in film and digital processing Rob has served the Moose Jaw community and beyond since the 1970s with his business “PrairieMagic”. From wedding to nature, portraiture to pet, macro to sporting events Rob is skilled in capturing the essence of the moment. At meetings and workshops Rob is always open to  technical questions about members’ camera settings and anything photography related.

Myrna Forge
Membership Myrna Forge   <>

Myrna enjoys the opportunities for learning and shooting as well as the friendships offered by the Moose Jaw Camera Club.  Her past employment background covers everything from delivering parcels for Canada Post, driving a combine,  legal secretary to desktop publishing. In the past Myrna has held treasurer positions with two non-profit organizations. She is a certified sound tech with a Recording Arts Masters Certificate.  She loves computers and has helped build two.  She shares enthusiastically: “I’m a total tech wanna-be.”

Moose Jaw Camera Club Brochure_2017_18
please download, print and bring to your first meeting


Member at Large  Wanda Hudson

Hudson Wanda.jpg(Details to follow)




Member at Large Terry Myles

Terry first became interested in photography over 30 years ago, and he bought his first camera – a Pentax K1000 – in the 1980s. Since retiring from farming, he has dedicated more time to pursuing his passion, and his special areas of interest include nature photography, pets, lightning and other night-time scenes. Terry joined the Moose Jaw Camera Club in 2015, and he has enjoyed the welcoming, social environment of the club, where the helpful members and varied activities provide great opportunities to learn.

Web Master vacant

Please contact Anna if you are interested in taking over the management of this website. The WordPress interface is easy to navigate and the template all set up.

Jerry Stevens


Facebook Group Moderator Jerry Stevens

Jerry Stevens has been a longtime employee of  SaskEnergy. Six years ago Jerry’s received a camera for Christmas. Jerry used to hunt and fish a lot but soon his passion shifted to photography.  He enjoyed the fact that pictures can be taken year round, and that he was able to explore nature and capture its beauty during all seasons. Jerry shares:  “There so many ways to take a picture, there are night shots, light painting, in the sun, in the shade, after a rain. Best of all, after you collect all your photos you can review them during the winter and still feel the heat of summer.”


Executive Meetings 2016/2017 – please submit suggestions and ideas to the chair for inclusion on the agenda at least one week prior to the meeting date:









3 thoughts on “Camera Club Executive

  1. Teresa Donley on said:


    Is it possible to join the club for a few last meetings of this year? I’m very interested after talking to another member!

    My camera isn’t fancy but I am looking st a new purchase soon! 😀

    Thanks and looking forward to your reply!
    Teresa Donley


    • Hi Theresa, it is absolutely possible to join the club for the last few meetings of the year! Not need for a fancy camera – check out our mission statement on the site. The new member handbook has more info in it and you can find it in the previous post. Feel free to come to our next meeting April 4th @ 7 pm to check us out. Membership fees for the rest of the year drop to half (they are now $ 20).
      Looking forward to meeting you! Anna Hergert


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