Camera Club Executive

camera club created by Jessie Zoerb

2015/2016 Moose Jaw Camera Club Executive
last updated Feb. 5th, 2017


 Anna Hergert    


President Anna Hergert <>

A textile artist and teacher in “her other life,” Anna came to photography due to the necessity of taking pictures of her art work for submission. Anna moved to rural Saskatchewan north of Moose Jaw at Buffalo Pound Lake where her studio overlooks the breath taking scenery that serves as constant source of inspiration. Anna holds a Certificate from The Photography Institute. Her primary interests are macro, landscape and travel photography. To find out more about her photography visit her travel website

Vice-President vancant

Brenda Halstead


Past President: Brenda Halstead <>

Brenda has been a member of the Moose Jaw Camera Club since January 2014. She is always keen always to learn more about her camera and photo processing.
Brenda’s philosophy when joining a new organization is to jump right in and join the executive to meet everyone and feel the pulse of the group. She has served on numerous executives. Some of the most distinguished executive positions included six years as secretary for the Kinsmen Band & Choral Festival, three terms as Kinsmen/Kinette Deputy Governor, and Chair of the highly successful Prairie Hearts Quilters Guild Bi-annual Quilt Show.


Leonard Ber <>

In 2000 Leonard Ber transferred to Moose Jaw. He is currently employed as an instructor in the business division at the Sask. Polytech campus. His primary subject area is computer applications courses.

Leonard took up photography as a hobby, which he plans to pursue more seriously as he approaches retirement.In 2013 Leonard and his wife joined the Moose Jaw Camera Club. He purchased a full frame camera and several lenses. They have enjoyed their association with the club as Leonard is slowly learning the complexities of photography and photo editing software. The club has provided the stimulus to learn, enjoy and explore this hobby.

Vaughn Taylor


Treasurer & Membership Director
Vaughn Taylor  <>

Photography is one of Vaughn’s passions. Five years ago Vaughn Taylor started to explore the world of photography. It began with just a simple point-and-shoot which he still uses regularly.

Vaughn’s interests in photography include a variety of genres. He loves the focus required to delve into macro and landscape. Action shots are high on his list as well and include rodeos, mud and drag races. Weddings and family portraits is something Vaughn excels at with his skilled eye for detail. His favorite area in photography is night shooting which means that he can explore long exposure times.

MJCC Membership Form 2015-2016
please download, print and bring to your first meeting



Programme Coordinator Jeff Schilling

Originally from Birch Hills (just south of PA), Jeff moved to  to Moose Jaw after graduating from high school to attend SIAST (CADD program) and he never strayed very far after finishing.

He bought his first Nikon DSLR a little over 6 years ago and discovered something amazing. Jeff loves photography, being able to capture the world around him as he sees it and being able to share his vision. As the years have gone by he has worked at developing his skills through trial and error but also through  classes to become more technically proficient.

Jeff joined the camera club finally two years ago to connect with likeminded people.



Programming Assistant Rob Harden <>

Photography is a passion for Rob Harden. A master in film and digital processing Rob has served the Moose Jaw community and beyond since the 1970s with his business “PrairieMagic”. From wedding to nature, portraiture to pet, macro to sporting events Rob is skilled in capturing the essence of the moment. At meetings and workshops Rob is always open to  technical questions about members’ camera settings and anything photography related.

Myrna Forge


Member at Large Myrna Forge   <>

Myrna is relatively new to photography.  As a beginner she enjoys the opportunities for learning and shooting as well as the friendships offered by the Moose Jaw Camera Club.  Her past employment background covers everything from delivering parcels for Canada Post, driving a combine,  legal secretary to desktop publishing. In the past Myrna has held treasurer positions with two non-profit organizations. She is a certified sound tech with a Recording Arts Masters Certificate.  She loves computers and has helped build two.  She shares enthusiastically: “I’m a total tech wanna-be.”



Member at Large Tami Dirkson

Tami inherited her love of Wildlife and Photography from my Father. She received her first camera at age 14 yrs . Like most photographers she feels much more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it.

Her main interests are Extreme Weather, Lightning, Aurora and Long Exposure image capture.Tami Dirkson is an Environment Canada CanWarn trained Storm Spotter/Storm Chaser.

I am a business owner in Moose Jaw (Cindy’s Cutting Corner Unisex Salon) being self employed helps me to provide for my family & spend quality time with them and doing the things I love.

Jerry Stevens

Facebook Group Moderator Jerry Stevens

Jerry Stevens has been a longtime employee of  SaskEnergy. Six years ago Jerry’s received a camera for Christmas. Jerry used to hunt and fish a lot but soon his passion shifted to photography.  He enjoyed the fact that pictures can be taken year round, and that he was able to explore nature and capture its beauty during all seasons. Jerry shares:  “There so many ways to take a picture, there are night shots, light painting, in the sun, in the shade, after a rain. Best of all, after you collect all your photos you can review them during the winter and still feel the heat of summer.”


Executive Meetings 2016/2017 – please submit suggestions and ideas to the chair for inclusion on the agenda at least one week prior to the meeting date:

February, 28th, 2017
March, 28th, 2017
April, 25th, 2017
May, 30th, 2017
June Executive wrap up and handover of responsibilities, June 24th, 2017








3 thoughts on “Camera Club Executive

  1. Teresa Donley on said:


    Is it possible to join the club for a few last meetings of this year? I’m very interested after talking to another member!

    My camera isn’t fancy but I am looking st a new purchase soon! 😀

    Thanks and looking forward to your reply!
    Teresa Donley


    • Hi Theresa, it is absolutely possible to join the club for the last few meetings of the year! Not need for a fancy camera – check out our mission statement on the site. The new member handbook has more info in it and you can find it in the previous post. Feel free to come to our next meeting April 4th @ 7 pm to check us out. Membership fees for the rest of the year drop to half (they are now $ 20).
      Looking forward to meeting you! Anna Hergert


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