Featured Members

Last updated: August 10th, 2017

Thank you to those members who have taken initiative and already sent images and biographical information. With 60 members registered for the 2016/2017 year we have so many more stories to share! Interested in participating? Check out the info on how to contribute here.

Jennifer Baker, Portrait Photographer

Leonard Ber, Wildlife and Landscape Photographer

Tamara (Tami) Dirkson, Storm Chaser, Aurora and Landscape Photographer

Paul Dowling, Travel and Industrial Photographer

Myrna Forge, Candid Photographer

Brenda Halstead, capturing that special moment in life

Rob Harden, wedding and sporting event photography

Colin Hergert, hobby photographer

Lynn Kozack, nature and macro photographer

Murray Rimmer, the McGyver of photography

Jeff Shilling, passionate about photography

Cath Sinclair, landscape and travel photographer

Jerry Stevens, Macro and Landscape Photographer

Vaughn Taylor, never without a camera to capture that object or moment

Hal Valentine, Landscape Photographer

Kelly Wiens, hobby wildlife photography

Jessie Zoerb, portrait photographer


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