How to Contribute

camera club created by Jessie Zoerb

  • Contributions to the website and blog are for members in good standing of the Moose Jaw Camera Club.
  • We are looking for that special photo or photos you wish to share.
  • Please forward your image(s) with meta data info (camera model, lens, settings, watermark is optional) to the blog administrator.  ***
  • Also, encouraged are original articles about photography (including special techniques, personal insights and educational tips) by members for members. Please submit in .doc or .docx format. Full credit will be given to the author.
    All submissions will be considered!Get out that camera, fire up the computer and send us your images and word documents!

    This is YOUR club and the website is for its members. Building community and a support network is the ultimate goal of a group. Let’ s make it happen – our growing membership is a testament that the Moose Jaw Camera Club has a lotto support. Let’s share our knowledge! Make this site a worthwhile vehicle to share information while meeting new and continuing members and their passion for photography.

    ***To submit please resize your image to (measure approximately 8 x 6″ or 6 x 8 ” and no more than 100 dpi). Save in .jpg format and send to Murray Rimmer. Please do not send images in special folders or linked to an album as these images are generally very small and don’t do the subject matter justice.


Last updated: November 12th, 2017

submission image

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