*2019 Meeting Calendar*

Last updated: March 27, 2019

February 4:

  • Bring up to 10 images on the topic of ‘supports’ (girders, cables, beams, etc) to share
  • We will be doing a portraiture exercise so bring your camera.
  • Photo submissions are due for the March installation at Carol’s Cafe. The subject is ‘Abandoned Buildings’. Bring your images on a USB stick with $25 per image to cover printing.

March 4:

  • Bring up to 10 images on the topic of “Winter Weather”
  • Bring your tripod and camera to participate in the water droplet refraction exercise
  • Myrna will be taking orders for club shirts and hoodies.  The forms are linked to the main blog page

April 1:

  • Bring up to 10 images on the topic of “signs of spring” or images shot over the last month at the club outings
  • PRPA entries are due
  • GOT entries are due

May 6:


  • Photo competition: Bring one printed 8×10 image that has been taken during this membership year to enter.  There will be three categories, beginner – novice- advanced.  The winner from each category will receive their image printed on canvas.


Images Shared at General Meetings:
If you decide to participate, please save images on a USB drive and hand it to the designated executive member as you arrive at the meeting. The assigned person will project your images on the screen as part of the regular meeting programme.


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