*Meeting Calendar*

Last updated: March 24,  2018

April 2 meeting is about composition. Bring your flash photos to share.

March 5 meeting is about using your flash off the camera. Bring your tripod, camera and of course flash. If you have cables, bring them too.

Feb 5th meeting. We will be doing an introduction on Lightroom. Bring your flash as we will be doing an introduction on the use of your on camera flash.

as Carol’s new exhibition theme is Winter. Bring up to 2 images on a USB drive to Rob by the Jan 8th meeting for display in Feb.

Also for the Jan 8th meeting, we would like members to bring 1 picture of of any 3 of the following themes. Each of your 3 pictures will be (gently) critiqued.

The themes are:

  1. Textures
  2. Rusty
  3. Peeling Paint
  4. Curves
  5. Food Photography
  6. Seasonal Ornaments and/or Reflections
  7. Glass
  8. Frozen in time
  9. Silhouettes
  10. Smells of Summer
  11. Abandoned Buildings.
  12. Warm and Spicy
  13. Spring Thaw
  14. Snow Flake photos
  15. Supports – Bridge girders, suspension springs or cables. Anything that supports something.
  16. Dropping in water
  17. Seeing Red
  18. Architectural – a different angle
  19. 1 colour
  20. Give me space – Subject to occupy ¼ of the frame
  21. Geometric shapes
  22. All that glitters
  23. Cemeteries – during the day and/or again at night



Monthly Themes for Images Shared at General Meetings:
If you decide to participate, please save up to 3 images on a USB drive and hand it to the designated executive member as you arrive at the meeting. The assigned person will project your images on the screen as part of the regular meeting programme.

Check our Workshops page here.

Field Trips:

Check our Field Trips & Outings page here.

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