*Meeting Calendar*

Last updated: August 12th,  2017

Monthly Themes for Images Shared at General Meetings:
If you decide to participate, please save up to 3 images on a USB drive and hand it to Vaughn Taylor as you arrive at the meeting. Vaughn will project your images on the screen as part of our regular meeting programme.

This concludes the meeting schedule for 2016/2017. The new executive is looking forward to September. Planning sessions for workshops and special programmes are under way. Contact Jeff Shilling, president, for special requests regarding presentation topics and workshops.

September 4th, 2017  Welcome back to the Camera Club. Details TBA

Download, print and fill in Moose Jaw Camera Club Brochure_2017_18 and bring it to the meeting with payment. This saves a lot of time and helps us stay on schedule for the 2 hour meeting. Thank you!

Check our Workshops page here.

Field Trips:

Check our Field Trips & Outings page here.

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